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Consumer Review: Best Self-Monitored Home Security System

Are you looking for a home security system that offers on-demand monitoring without a pricey professional monitoring subscription? If so, this company is quickly becoming a leader in the home security industry, due in part to its flexible self-monitoring options. Image via Flickr/princessjack Continue to original source.

Consumer Review: Best Home Security System for Customer Service

Not all companies are created equal when it comes to customer service, and that’s true in the field of home security, too. As you research the best system for your needs, check out this review of a company celebrated for it’s stellar customer service support. Image via Flickr/Sam Williams Continue to original source.

13 Great Home Security Systems for 2020

As technology continues to develop and price points continue to drop, now is a great time to invest in a home security system. If you’ve investigated options, you’ve probably noticed there are a plethora of choices to sort through. Check out this tool to compare price points, installation options, smart home features and more so […]

New York Affordable Housing Groups Call for End to Real Estate Tax Breaks

A group of affordable housing advocates is asking leaders to end real estate tax breaks that cost approximately $4 billion each year to put that money into public housing in the state instead. This would call for a review of the two tax breaks that benefit corporate developers and landlords. “Public housing across the state […]

6 Benefits of Using Solar Power

 Are you frustrated with your high energy bills and want to make a change? Maybe you have contemplated using solar power but just don’t know enough about it and the benefits it creates. Check out the benefits of using solar power for your home! Solar power saves you money – Putting solar PV panels on […]

Benefits to Credit Card Chips

Not only are credit card chips great for reducing fraud and credit card hacking, there are many other benefits to this new piece of technology that we’re all slowly transitioning over to in the U.S. Prevent card swipe theft. Shady retailers and cashiers will sometimes that your card and swipe it in an additional card […]

Saving Money on Car Insurance and Loans

If you’re in the market for a new car and are looking into taking out a loan and getting insurance, here are some tips for saving money. Shop around for different policies. Commit to the same company. Keep your credit score in a good place. Maintain a clean driving record. Continue to original source. Image […]

3 Expensive Winter Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

During the winter months, homeowners’ insurance claims tend to skyrocket. Repairs are costly, so it’s best to do whatever is possible to avoid common winter claims. One of the most common insurance claims is frozen, broken pipes. Winter months can cause damage through pipe freezing. The average cost of a claim is $7,479. Another common […]

How to Successfully Flip a House

If you’re investing in a home and want to successfully flip it, here are some tips for what you can do. Look for properties that can be flipped. Make sure the price makes sense. Determine how long it’ll take to sell. Continue to original source. Image via Freedom Mentor.


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